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My Filler - Revitalize Vitamins

Stress, sun over-exposure, wrong diet increase ageing and the appearance of skin. To keep it in good condition or recover it to a shiny and healthy skin, treat it correctly. Revitalize Vitamins special formula is composed of 70 essential ingredients for bringing back the skin’s beauty lost somehow and to maintain it. Its composition contains: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and coenzymes that improve and revitalize the state of the skin with an immediate result of healthier skin.

Indication: Revitalizing and illuminating.

Application: A weekly or a fortnightly Revitalize Vitamins application is recommended by therapy with microneedle and/or virtual mesotherapy by electroporation.  Please note that this product is to be administered superficially up to 0.4 mm into the skin.

Month 1: 1 session every 7 days.  

Month 2: 1 session every 15 days.  

Maintenance: 1 session every 30 days.  

Contents: • Vitamin complex  

Packaging: 5 vials, 5 ml each.  

Expiration: 3 years. 

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