My Filler Revitalize - Slim

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My Filler Revitalize - Slim

Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress are the main reasons of excess fat accumulation. It has become one of the main requests for an aesthetic treatment. Revitalize Slim new lipolytic and anti-cellulite formula is composed of an insulin-like growth factor, phosphatidylcholine, sodium deoxycholate, carnitine and trace elements. Effectiveness from the first session.

Indication: Localized fat accumulation spot as belly, back of the arm, neck and legs.

Application: A weekly or a fortnightly application of Revitalize Slim is recommended through therapy with microneedle and/or virtual mesotherapy for electroporation. 

Please note that this product is to be administered superficially up to 0.4 mm into the skin.

Month 1: 1 session every 15/30 days. 

Month 2: 1 session every 30/60 days according to evolution. 

Contents: • Phosphatidylcholine 2.5% • Sodium Deoxycholate 1.5%, • Carnitine 4% 

Packaging: 5 vials, 10 ml each. 

Expiration: 3 years. 

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