My Filler Revitalize - White Skin Serum

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My Filler - Revitalize

Superficial pigmentation can be easily removed but deep pigmentation requires a Meso procedure. Mesotherapy allows the serum to reach the deeper layers of the skin.
Depositing the Revitalize White Skin serum increases freshness and glow to the skin due to its special formulation.
The effectiveness of whitening Meso is much higher than expensive, long term topical whitening creams.

Indication: Lighten skin tone and reduce skin age spots

Application: Revitalize White Skin protocol is recommended through laser, therapy with microneedle and/or virtual mesotherapy for electroporation. Please note that this product is to be administered superficially up to 0.4 mm into the skin.

1st and 2nd Month: 8 applications (once a week). If the final results achieved before the 8 applications, the protocol can be suspended. 

The process can speed up with special techniques (E.g.: Revitalize Booster). 

Contents: Kojic Acid • Retinol • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 

Packaging: 5 vials, 5 ml each.

Expiration: 3 years. 

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