Electric Microneedling Device Kit

Electric Microneedling Device Kit

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Our Microneedling kit includes a top of the range handheld Derma pen, which is covered with tiny, shallow needles to poke micro injuries in the skins surface and will provide a fabulous treatment for your clients.

Revitalize Pen is a small but powerful cordless device used for microneedling procedures. It has an anatomical form to optimise handling and comfort during its use.

It comes in a very elegant suitcase where all necessary instruments can be allocated insdide including the spare battery, charger and changeable heads.

Included is a pack of My Filler - Revitalize Vitamin. Revitalize Vitamins special formula is composed of 70 essential ingredients for bringing back the skin’s beauty lost somehow and to maintain it. Its composition contains: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and coenzymes that improve and revitalize the state of the skin with an immediate result of healthier skin.

Application: A weekly or a fortnightly Revitalize Vitamins application is recommended by therapy with microneedle and/or virtual mesotherapy by electroporation. Please note that this product is to be administered superficially up to 0.4 mm into the skin.

Electric Microneedling Device Kit includes:

  • Revitalize Derma Pen
  • My Filler - Revitalize 5 viles (5ml each)


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