My Filler Revitalize - Body

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My Filler Revitalize - Body

 Hyaluronic acid, organic compounds, DMAE and Dexpanpentol. You can find all these miracle ingredients in one formula. MyFiller Revitalize Body. These will reaffirm and restore the collagen fibres that support the skin, shaping them again and removing the skin sagging.

Indication: Face & body

 Application: A weekly or a fortnightly application of Revitalize Body is recommended through terapia with microneedle and/or virtual mesotherapy for electroporation. Please note that this product is to be administered superficially up to 0.4 mm into the skin.

Month 1: 1 session every 7 days. 

Month 2: 1 session every 15 days. 

Maintenance: 1 session every 30 days. 

Contents:Methylsilanol Mannuronate 2.5% • Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate 1% 

Packaging: 5 vials, 5 ml each. 

Expiration: 3 years. 

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