How to Clean and take care of your make-up brushes

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Almost every day we use make-up brushes to highlight, contour and make us look our best. But when was the last time you cleaned your own brushes? Not just at home but in a salon environment our brushes should be cleaned often.

Why should I clean my make-up brushes?

There are a few benefits which come from cleaning and maintaining brushes regularly. One of the benefits is health. Each time you use your brush, it can collect oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. Cleaning your brushes often can help remove dried up dirt and debris. UPMC states that “Sanitizing and cleaning your beauty tools can reduce the transmission of excess bacteria onto your face and prevent breakouts.”




Another benefit of keeping your makeup brushes clean and maintained is the usage. Cleaning brushes often will not only have health benefits, but it will also help extend the life of the brush. Brush hairs can be porous, which means oils and makeup can be held and absorbed by the bristles. This means bristles will not keep their shape for as long, they will be more likely to break and fall off and finally it can influence the application of make-up. This means application can be more difficult and you are more likely to end up with spotty and uneven makeup.

How often should I clean my makeup brushes?

In the home environment dermatologists recommend you clean and soak your brushes at least once a week when using your brushes every day. If you do not use them all the time, you should still try to clean them as often as possible to reduce build up and help keep the brushes in tip top shape.

What should I use to clean my brushes?

Baby shampoo - A product that is widely used to clean brushes according to is baby shampoo. This is because its “Gentle formula helps cleaning natural fibre brushes”

Washing up Liquid – Using washing up liquid should be seen as a last resort type of option. The liquid can be useful in picking up and removing the oils from the brush. However overtime it can be hash on the natural fibres of the brush.

Brush Cleansing Solution – The best option available, especially in a professional environment. Brush cleansing solution is specifically created to clean away dirt, oil and build up on your brushes. There are many different types and brands available such as the Strictly Professional Make up brush cleansing spray, available at Power Porium.

So how do I clean and maintain my makeup brushes?

If using a specific make up cleanser, follow the manufacturers guide for cleaning.

  1. You can start by rinsing the brush under lukewarm water. Avoid water touching above the handle of the brush. This is because the glue that helps hold together the bristles is here. Running the glue underwater can lead to bristles shedding and falling off.

  2. Add your chosen cleaning solution to your hands and rub the brush into the solution. You can then swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to lather up the soap/cleaning solution.

  3. Rinse the brush under warm water. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the water runs clear. Again make sure the water doesn’t touch the handle of the brush.

  4. Hold the brush bristles facing downwards and gently squeeze the bristles with your fingers to help remove excess water. You can then tap dry with a cloth or towel.

  5. Straighten the bristles of the brush with your hand and lay the brush down flat on a clean or dry towel. Allow it to dry out naturally overnight.

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